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Picture of Tire Tube for Inner Tube Splicer

Inner Tube Splicer

Type AW-1-220 AW-9-180 AW-3-300 Aw-4-540
Tube Feed Size
(Width of Tube)
450-14 (130mm)
440-14 (110mm)
26x1-3/8 (38mm)
450-12 (130mm)
400- 4 (110mm)
900-16 (205mm)
400- 7 (110mm)
1400-24 (350mm)
700-16 (190mm)
Minimum Inner
Circumferential of Tube
900mm 320mm 480mm 1400mm
Vehicle Types Bicycles, Motorcycles Bicycles, Motorcycles Industrial Passenger, Light truck, Motorcycle, Scooter Bus/ Truck
Knife Length 220mm 180mm 300mm 540mm
Splicing Force of Vise
(Theoretical Force)
400kg (600kg) 1000 (1200kg) 1900-2900kg 400kg (5700kg)
Dia. of Vise Cylinder 125Ø 160Ø 250Ø 270Ø
Power Source Air Pressure 7kg/cm2 Air Pressure 7kg/cm2 Air Pressure 8kg/cm2 Air Pressure 10kg/cm2
Time Per Cycle 8-20 Sec. 8-30 Sec. 12-25 Sec. 20-30 Sec.
Remarks Possible Max. Tube Size 560-13 (150mm)     Possible Max. Tube Size 1800-25 (490-500mm)
Note: Data contained in this listing are subjected to change without notice.