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Picture of Tire Tube for Automatic Tube Extruding Line

Automatic Tube Extruding Line

Sing Tube Both For Bent & Straight, Type Twin Straight Valve Single Straight Valve

Standard Attachment Optional Attachment
1. Water cooling conveyor. 1. Color line device
2. Water blow-Off device. 2. Size marking device
3. Auto hot-knife pre-set precision length cutting device. The price of optional attachment should be negotiated separately
4. Automatic valve hole punching device.  
5. Automatic valve fitting device.  
6. Soap stoning Outside of tube.  
7. Take up conveyor  
8. Lot of piping and electric accessories.  
9. Motor 5HP x 1, 3HP x 2, 1/4HP x 1
10. Conveyor speed Max. 30M./min. adjustable
11. Air Pressure 6~7 kg/cm2
Model \ Specifications Min.Tube Length Con. Width Tube Extruding Number Tube Valve Type Suitable Tube Size
AW-CR-108-350-1S 750mm 300mm single line straight type B/C M/C S/C
AW-CR-1-08-350-1BS 750mm 300mm single line both straight & bent valve B/C M/C S/C
AW-CR-1-08-350-2S 750mm 300mm twin line straight type B/C M/C
AW-CR-1-04-350-1BS 350mm 300mm single line both bent & straight type I/D4"~6"
AW-CR-1-08-500-1BS 750mm 500mm single line both bent & straight type T/B L/T P/C