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Picture of PCR Green Tire Painting Machine for Model No AW-GTP-PCR

PCR Green Tire Painting Machine


Automatic type, only loading and booking by manual
1.6 positions rotate device, drive by 5HP motor & air brake device
  1st Station: a. Green tire feeding roller conveyor with one stop padder drive by 1HP motor.
    b. Green tire centering device.
    c. Hang type vertical chuck device by air cylinder.
    d. Green tire move up by air cylinder.
    e. Vertical chuck open by air cylinder to hold the green tire.
  2nd Station: a. Hang chuck rotate by 1/2HP motor.
    b. Inside spray gun go up for inside painting.
    c. Upper position of green tire outside painting.
    d. Lower outside spray gun go up for lower position of green tire outside painting.
  3rd Station: Lock device to make sure the vertical chuck stop at exactly position.
  4th Station: Cement drying by blower.
  5th Station: Vertical chuck close for green tire unloading.
  6th Station: Vertical chuck cleaning drive by brush with 1HP motor.
2.Tire move out roller conveyor, drive by 1HP motor.
3.Exhaust fan by 2HP motor.
4.Spray gun and paint tank and feeding pump system.
5.Electric control by PLC (Mitsubishi) & touch screen.
6.Exclude exhaust piping to outside of room.

Spec. \ Model AW-GTP-PCR-1317 AW-GTP-PCR-1420 AW-GTP-PCR-1624
Size of Tire 13"-17" 14"-20" 16"-24"
Chuck Close/Open Ø220-Ø530mm Ø245-Ø555mm Ø315-Ø668mm
Green Tire Bead Dia. Ø330-Ø430mm Ø355-Ø455mm Ø400-Ø620mm
Green Tire O.D. Ø520-Ø800mm Ø545-Ø825mm Ø550-Ø950mm
Green Tire Height 200-450mm 200-450mm 250-500mm
Capacity 5pcs/minute 5pcs/minute 5pcs/minute