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Old Model Stock Blender

Picture of Stock Blender for Model No AW-STO

New Model Stock Blender

Spec.\Model AW-STO-1 AW-STO-2 AW-STO-3 AW-STO-4 AW-STO-5 AW-STO-6
For mixing Mill Size 30"Øx95"L 26"Øx84"L 24"Øx72"L 22"Øx60"L 18"Øx48"L 16"Øx42"L
Motor 7-1/2HP 5HP 5HP 3HP 3HP 3HP
Mold I.D. 320mmØ 300mmØ 300mmØ 300mmØ 300mmØ 250mmØ
Blender Roll 120mmØ 120mmØ 95mmØ 95mmØ 70mmØ 70mmØ
Packing Dimension (mm) 4000 x 2300 x 1600 3550 x 1900 x 400 3225 x 1750 x 1350 2850 x 1640 x 1250 2550 x 1440 x 1250 2400 x 1340 x 1200

Blender roll surface with hard chrome plated.

Blender roll with veriable speed motor.
Shift screw with clutch for easy operation.
Increase one piece of front rorr for prevent sticked rubber compound.
Including timer& buzzer.
Rear roll auto adjust for match ther rubber thickness.

1. When if you installed with a STOCK BLENDER upon the Mixing mill, you can increase the mixing areas, continuous and automated blending effects, moreover, the good practice for the blending to assure uniform curing and physical properties in final compounds.
2. Allow you to increase one batch/time volume up 50-70% than only by OPEN MIXER ROLLS batch.
3. Considerably lighten operator's labor burden.
4. It enable you to fasten mixing speed and shorten mixing time, naturally of a labor mitigation.
5. Because of able to lowering temperature during its processing step, that will be resulting you to got a higher quality of materials.
6. Excellent, throughly, uniform dispertion effects are obtainable for the chemicals and ingredients adding procedures, and you may satisfied with level upped both for the materials and final products.
* The above specifications are ALLWELL standard machine.
Other type or specifications can be provided as customer require.
* This catalogue is for order reference only, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.