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Motorcycle Tire Building Machine

Model: AW-STB-1821-4P

Motorcycle Tire for Model No AW-STB-1821


ModelAW-STB-0614-2P (or 3P or 4P)AW-STB-1618-2P (or 3P or 4P)AW-STB-1821-2P (or 3P or 4P)AW-STB-1618-1P
Drum DiameterØ6"~Ø14"Ø16"~Ø18"Ø18"~Ø21"Ø16"~Ø18"
Applicable TypeScooter TireMotorcycle TireMoped Tire
Control SystemPLC, Control ; Auto/ Manual
Main Shaft Motor1.5KW / 0.5KWX4P/12P
Drum Revolution300/100rpm180/60rpm
Air Pressure8kg/cm2
Buliding Speed50sec/2PLY60sec/3PLY70sec/4PLYOne PLY Overlape Type 45 sec/pc

1.The building drum has special design with patent turn up fingers device so it can make very smooth nylon cord turn up and will not cause nylon cord angle change. It will promote tire quality.
2.The building drum has special design with patent no gap rubber band which will produce very tough green tire on bead position so it can reduce the blister problem on the side wall and bead position.
3.Bead setting ring equipped with strong magnets will rapidly and precisely hold bead wire on right position.
4.Special design with patent side stitcher for stitching the both side edge of sidewall.
5.Building drum has index control:
The right side of main shaft of building drum has installed proximity switch which can divide building drum into 2 or 3 or 4 postion equal parts control. This control can separate the joint positions of nylon cord and tread to make better balance of tire.
6.Building process can be re-set from any step. While emergency stop or electric power shut off that building drum will not reduce to maintain the green tire and then operator can re-set the process from any step which will be very easy in operation.