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Picture of Truck & Bus Tire Run-Out Testing Machine for Model No AW-WT-3AM

Truck & Bus Tire Run-Out Testing Machine (Computer Control Type)

Model: AW-WT-3AM

1. There are three units detector to detet tire left side wall, right side and tread positio. The detector is actuated by air cylinder to detect tire wobble condition while tire running. This detect signal will be input to computer to be analyzed by computer software and display on monitor and judge the tire wobbing is under the pre-set standard or not. The computer is connected to printer so all of inspection data can be printed out.
2. Testing Size: Truck & bus tire
3. Motor: 2HP motor with inverter for tire rotation 3HP motor for right side rim moving
4. Rim Speed: adjustable
5. Tire O.D.: 720 - 1350mm
6. Tire Width: 200 - 450mm
7. Tire Weight: Max. 80kgs
8. Including: One size of testing rim. 3 pce of detector. monitor, software, printer.