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Picture of Horizontal Bias Cutter + Chafer Slitter

Horizontal Bias Cutter + Chaffer Slitter

Horizontal Bias Cutter:

Let-off Unit

 • Constant brake force control for fabric roll.
• Splicing table for splice the end of existing nylon cord and the top of next nylon cord.
• Constant tension force control from festoon to let-off.
• Expand roll on festoon unit.

Main Conveyor

 • Special anti-stick belt conveyor.
• Main conveyor is drove by AC servo motor.
• Cutting device move on slide bearing.
• Cutting angle is adjusted by gear motor.

Wind Up Unit

 • Joint table.
• Cut fabric centering device.
• Liner cloth centering device.

Chafer Slitter:


Let-Off Unit

 • Festoon & centering device.
• Liner cloth re-winding device.
• Splicing table.

Slitting Unit

 • Slitting width: 30 - 150mm adjustable.
• Rotary slitter: the slitter nos. by option.

Wind Up Conveyor

 • Wind up position: 4 - 8 positions by option.
• Liner cloth let-off device.
• Wind up roll up and down by air cylinder.