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Picture of High Table Type, Twins Let-Off, Twin Wind-Up for Model No AW-HB-IA-H

High Table Type, Twins Let-Off, Twin Wind-Up


Special Function by Optional Attachment:
Let-Off Unit:
1. Constant tension control: The fabric roll will keep the constant tension when the diameter is changed.
2. There is a splicing table for splice the end of exist nylon cord & top of next nylon cord. One photo switch can inspect and auto. tear the liner cloth to separate from fabric while sticled together on let out.
3. There is a constant torque motor on the top position of festooner to keep nylon cord at the most suitable tension force to avoid the nylon cord shrinkling and sticking together.
4. There is a ED-2 unit on dancing roll unit to control the constant speed of nylon cord from let-off unit. It is non-stop control type, which will increase or reduce the nylon cord supplying speed sutomatically. So the accuracy of dutting width will be much better.
Main Conveyor:
1. Spacial anti-stick belt conveyor, which was imported from europ.
2. The conveyor is drove by AC servo motor which can make low speed start-high speed movement-slow down speed to stop to control the precision accuracy cutting width of ntlon cord.
3. The cutting unit is installed on 2 pcs of side bearing and drove by AC motor with inverter control, which can make fast movement and long-term operation without part replacement.
4. Cutting angle is sdjusting by gear motor, There is a encorder for pre-setting controlling the cutting angle.
5. The position of cuttng device is moveable by motor with disc brake device to control the center of cutted nylon cord same as center of splicing table.
Wind Up Unit: Omini roller with guide plate on the fastoon position for centering the nylon cord
  The liner cloth let-off unit is equipped wirth E.P.C. Control to keep the liner cloth and cord the center position while wind up. It will promote the quality and efficincy on tire building machine.
Electric Control System:
1. This maching is controlled by TOUCH SCREEN and PLC. The cutting width and cutting angle for each different size of nylon cord can be key in on touch screen and save. When size is changed. it onlly needs to key in specification of size, then the cutting angle and cutting width will be changed sutomatically.
2. The cutting number can be pre-set in advance. The pre-set cutting number and un-cut nylon cord number will show on the touch screen. On the youch screen, the pre-set cutting number will reduce one piece if one piece is cutted. Therefore, it can control the demanded cutting number for each day very precisely, which is very convenient for production quantity control.