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Calender Train

Picture of Calender Train for Model No AW-CT-1A-50

Model: AW-CT-1A-50

  • Line Speed: Max 55 meters/ minute
  • Working Speed: Max 50 meters/ minute
  • Fabric: Max 60" (1524mm)

Consist of:

1. Dual let-off. With auto brake system. With center line adjusting device.
2. Joint press with hydraulic unit. Steam jacket heating plate.
3. Front pull roll with 5.5kw variable speed motor. With load cell for tension control.
4. Front festoon unit with C.P.C. device.
5. Heating Drum: Ø610mm x 8 rolls with 22 KW variable speed motor.
6. Front tension unit.
7. Topping Calender: four bowls. S-type. Ø24" x L 72". With uni-drive and temperature control unit.
8. Post tension unit.
9. Cooling drum: Ø610mm x 12 rolls with 22KW variable speed motor.
10. Rear festoon unit with C.P.C. device.
11. Rear pull roll with 5.5KW variable speed motor.
12. Prinking roll.
13. Dual wind-up unit with 22KW variable speed motor. Liner cloth with EPC control.
14. Static discharge device.
15. Electric control system, piping system, tension control system, fabric width control system, stairways, catwalks and platform