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Picture of Bicycle Tread Cooling & Winding Conveyor for Model No AW-BT-2

Bicycle Tread Cooling & Winding Conveyor

Model: AW-BT-2 (A Type)
For two treads profiling at the same time from tread calender.
Model: AW-BT-2 (B Type)
For one tread extruding from tread extruder or tread calender.

1. Tread will be no any tension, the thickness and width of tread will be no changed.
2. Special design of wind up device, so the wind up tread roll will no any inclination even in 20mm tread width & Ø560mm tread roll diameter.
3. The wind up speed willl keep the same with tread profiling speed automatically by PLC control.
4. Line speed: 5-25 meters/ minute.
5. Complete set with inverter control and automatic linked motion.
6. Tread width: max. 200mm
7. Winded tread roll diameter: max. Ø560mm
8. Liner cloth diameter: max. Ø300mm
9. Centering device for tread on the festoon Position.

Consist Of:
1. Cooling Conveyor
  Length 10 meters, drived by 3HP AC motor with inverter
One kind of special conveyor stainless steel, upside of tread cooling by spray water, downside of tread dipping on the water.
Water level will be adjustable.
Water blow off by 3HP hige pressure blower.
2. Festoon
  Two festoon devices for two treads speed controlled.
There are three photo switchs on each one festoon device to increase or reduce the conveyor speed automatically.
3. Let-off & Wind Up Device
  4 units, drived by 1/2HP AC motor, 2 units for working, another 2 units for stand by liner cloth with E.P.C. control.