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Picture of Bicycle Tire 1x3 Bead Wire Ring for Model No AW-BG-1A-2-1x3

Bead Wire Grommet Machine

AW-BG-1A-2-1 x 3 for making bicycle tire 1 x 3 bead wire ring.

1. Fully-Auto type bead wire winding maching with auto ejector, stretch roll, rubber extruder, Pre-heating stand, wire guide & reel stand.
2. There are special design and with patent "Auto pressing the joint position of bead wire".
So the bead wire overlape joint position will be sticked together properly while push out from winding former and no need to wrap the cloth on joint position.
3. Bead wire building stand (Auto type) drived by AC servo motor. This is fully automatic process.
Include Auto feeding -->Auto counting the turns -->Auto pushing out beadwire from former.
4. Tension device control by aire cylinder to prevent bead wire loose and out of guide roller while former stop running for cutting wire.
5. From item NO.8~No.15 can be 2 pcs or 3 pcs bead wire rings winding at the same time. (There is a slitting cutter for separate bead wire to 2 pcs or 3 pcs of bead wire rings).
6. Automatic temperature controller by oil medium is available for option by extra charge for extruder.
7. Special design of motorise bead wire size change device is available for option by extra charge.
When change the bead wire former, the position of bead wire pressing device & bead wire feeding device has to be changed. The traditional design is changed by hand wheel. We have to loosen the fixing bolt then adjust the hand wheel then fix bolt angain .
It takes about 30 minutes.
We have a new design, the hand wheel changed to gear motor and the fixing bolt changed to slide bearing. So the size change will be very easy. It takes about one minute only.

Model Forming Size No.of Reel No. of Wirering Per Cycle Slitting Device
1.AW-BG-1A-1 x 3 B/C 12 1/2"~28" 2 1 pc of 1x 3 No
2.AW-BG-1A-4 8"~28" 4 1 pc No
3.AW-BG-1A-6 8"~28" 6 1 pc No
4.AW-BG-1A-8 8"~28" 8 1 pc No
5.AW-BG-2A-4 4"~13" 4 1 pc No
6.AW-BG-2A-6 4"~13" 6 1 pc No
7.AW-BG-2A-8 4"~13" 8 1 pc No
8.AW-BG-1A-4-2 x 2 8"~28" 4 2 pcs of 2x2 Yes
9.AW-BG-1A-6-3 x 2 8"~28" 6 2 pcs of 3x2 Yes
10.AW-BG-1A-8-4 x 2 8"~28" 8 2 pcs of 3x2 or 4x2 Yes
11.AW-BG-1A-12-6 x 2 8"~28" 12 2 pcs of 6x2 or 4x2 or 3x2 Yes
12.AW-BG-1A-16 x 5 x 3 8"~28" 16 3 pcs of 5x5 or 4x4 or 3x3
2 pcs of 7x7 or 6x6
13.AW-BG-2A-8-4 x 2 4"~13" 8 2 pcs of 4x2 Yes
14.AW-BG-2A-6-3 x 2 4"~13" 6 2 pcs of 3x2 Yes
15.AW-BG-2A-16 x 5 x 3 4"~13" 16 3 pcs of 5x5 or 4x4 or 3x3
2 pcs of 7x7 or 6x6