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Picture of Batch-Off Machine for Model No AW-BAF

Batch-Off Machine


Spec. \ Type AW-BAF-75 AW-BAF-100 AW-BAF-140 AW-BAF-180 AW-BAF-270
For Mixer's Size 75L 100L 140L 180L 270L
Rubber Sheet Storage Capacity 525kg 700kg 1,300kg 1,700kg 2,680kg
Effective Hanging Bar 25pcs 33pcs 46pcs 60pcs 95pcs
Rubber Sheet Size 600mm x 10mm 800mm x 10mm

Standard Attachment
1. Take away conveyor
2. Jointing conveyor
3. Dipping conveyor
4. Accumulator & cooling conveyor
5. Swing conveyor
6. Electric control system

Optional Attachment
1. Automatic pick up device
2. Rubber sample automatic punching device
3. Rubber sheet automatic cutting device
4. Rubber sheet pallet change automatic system
5. Upward to 2nd floor for master batch process
6. Hanging bar move by hydraulic cylinder and stop by lock device
7. Touch screen & PLC control system
8. Rubber sheet slitting device