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Tire Machine, Tire Equipment Manufacturer

All Well Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. We would like to introduce ourselves as the largest tire & tube machinery maker in Taiwan. We mainly produce whole plant equipment for making tires and tubes. We have supplied our machines to all the well-known tire companies in Taiwan. Besides our domestic tire companies, we have exported our machines to overseas for more than 40 countries to every worldwide known tire manufactures. Over years' improvement, we have the honor to obtain patents for more than 50 items. Regarding to these special patents, our machines can efficiently produce high quality tires.

Whole Plant Equipment For Making Tires & Tubes

1. Tire Building Machine
(1) Truck & Bus Tire Building Machine
(2) Light Truck Tire Building Machine
(3) Passenger Tire Building Machine
(4) Motorcycle Tire Building Machine
(5) Bicycle Tire Building Machine
(6) Forklift Tire Building Machine
(7) Agriculture Tire Building Machine
(8) Go Cart Tire Building Machine
2. Tire Curing Press
(1) Hydraulic Type B.O.M. Press
(2) Mechanical Type B.O.M. Press
(3) Bladder Press
(4) Flap Press
3. Horizontal Bias Cutter
4. Bead Wire Grommet Machine
5. Tread Line
6. Calendar Line
7. Batch Off Machine
8. Tire Wrapping Machine
9. Drum Testing Machine
10. Tire Run Out Testing Machine
11. Tube Extruding Line
12.Tube Splicer
13.Tube Curing Press
14.Green Tire Painting Machine

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